Cooperation Agreement and Terms of Service Provision

MB Dotmanija (hereinafter referred to as the Dotmanija or the Company) is a small partnership registered in Lithuania, company code 304749690, the address of registered office at Pagubės g. 41-2, Vilnius, Lithuania. The Dotmanija provides a reservation platform where you can advertise your offered services to a wider range of potential customers. The company is responsible for managing of the reservations of the customers (a customer - any person who receives services from a service provider) and acts in accordance with these terms.

By registering at (hereinafter referred to as the Visitorify or we, ours, us) or using any of the services offered by the Dotmanija, you agree to comply with these Terms of Service Provision (hereinafter referred to as the Terms of Service Provision) and the Cooperation Agreement ( this is an agreement signed by Dotmanija and the Partner (the partner is an independent supplier of goods and services which offers its goods and services via our website or our app)), confirming the consent of both parties to this agreement, registration fees and any other fees.

The services provided by the Dotmanija in accordance with the Terms of Service Provision cover various products and services ordered by the service providers (hereinafter referred to as the Partner or you, yours, for you) and/or the service receiver (hereinafter referred to as the Customer) via the website (hereinafter referred to as the Visitorify) or the Visitorify Manager app (this is a software which is licensed under this agreement to the Partner as one of the services of the Dotmanija and if there is paid a higher monthly subscription fee, it may be included features such as real-time reservation, automatic booking confirmation, employee selection, prioritizing services of the partner , and all reporting functions). All services provided by the Dotmanija indicated in these Terms of Service Provision will be called the Services. To any new features or the Services which will be added to the current Services there will be applied these Terms of Service Provision. The Services of the Partner are goods and services provided to the Customer by the Partner and which the Partner sells to the Customers using Dotmanija Services.

At any time, you can review the current version of the Terms of Service Provision at

The Dotmanija shall reserve the right to update and amend the Terms of Service Provision by publishing them on the website of the Visitorify. We recommend you review the Terms of Service Provision from time to time in order to familiarize yourself with updates and/or amendments.

1. The Terms of Use

1. In order to use the Services, you must register at the Visitorify, i.e. create an account by submitting your name, surname, phone number, valid e-mail address and other information which is required by the system. The Dotmanija at its own discretion may decline / cancel / delete your account for any reason.

2. You agree that the Dotmanija will use your provided email address or phone number as the primary way of communicating.

3. The Dotmanija will provide the Partner with a user account and password which will allow the Partner to access our Services. The Partner must keep and store the data of the user account and password confidentially and not disclose it to any person other than those who need access to the Account and who understand the obligation of the Partner to keep this data safe. The Partner must immediately inform the Dotmanija of any suspected security breach or improper use.

4. The Dotmanija shall not be liable for any loss or damages if you fail to protect the security of your account and password.

5. You are responsible for all activities and content, i.e. photos, images, videos, graphics, text content, audio files, code, information or data you upload, collect, generate, store, display, spread, transfer, or export. The Partner must also ensure that all its content (in particular information about Services of the Partner and their prices) which it publishes or provides on the website of the Visitorify is accurate, correct and non-misleading.

6. For any breach of the Terms of Service Provision, the Dotmanija may immediately terminate the Services provided to You.

7. A person who is not a party to this Agreement shall not have the right to require that it would be fulfilled any condition of this Agreement.

8. If at any period or at any time any party does not require the fulfilment of any condition of this Agreement or exercise any right under this Agreement, it shall not be deemed as a waiver of such condition or the right and shall not affect the right of such party to require fulfilment of such condition or exercising the right afterwards.

9. If any condition of this Agreement is determined to be unlawful, void or cannot be executed under any applicable legislation, such condition, as much it can be separable from the remaining terms, shall be deemed not included in this Agreement and shall not affect the remaining terms legitimacy, validity or enforceability thereof.

10. To this Agreement there is applied the laws of the Republic of Lithuania and it is interpreted in accordance with them. The parties shall agree that the exclusive jurisdiction to resolve any disputes arising out of or in connection with this Agreement shall be the subject of the courts of the Republic of Lithuania.

2. The Account of the Visitorify and its Activation

1. According to the Terms of Service Provision of the Dotmanija, a person who has registered for the Service is a party to the Agreement (Account Manager), i.e. he/she will be authorized to use this account. If the person has registered on behalf of the company/employer, the Account holder will be the company/employer. A person who has registered on behalf of the company/employer shall represent and guarantee that he/she has the authority to use the Account on behalf of the company/employer.

3. General Terms and Conditions

1. You may use the Dotmanija Services only after reading and agreeing to all terms and regulations of Service Provision, including the adopted Privacy Policy (see link ...). We consider that by using the Dotmanija or the Services of the Dotmanija you agree with these terms and conditions.

2. Technical assistance is provided only to the Account holders and/or payers. Primarily the assistance is provided by e-mail and it is considered to be the Partner's privilege, but not the Partner's right.

3. The Terms of Service Provision are regulated and interpreted in accordance with the laws of Lithuania and the European Union.

4. You agree that the Dotmanija may at any time change these Terms of Service Provision by publishing the relevant amendments on the website of the Visitorify at The amendments to the Terms of Service Provision shall come into effect on the day of their publication. Your further use of the Services of the Dotmanija after amendment of the Terms of Service Provision shall be considered as acceptance to the amendments thereof. If You do not agree with the amendments of the Terms of Service Provision, do not use the Services of the Dotmanija.

5. You shall not use Services of the Dotmanija for illegal purposes. Furthermore, using the Services you shall undertake not to violate the laws in force applicable in Lithuania and the European Union. By using the Services provided by the Dotmanija, you agree to comply with all applicable laws, regulations and provisions. You also agree not to copy, transfer, or sell any information of the Dotmanija, access, and/or service without the written permission of the Dotmanija. It is also prohibited to allow to the third party (including group of companies of the Partner) to use the Services without the prior written consent of the Dotmanija; send unsolicited emails, SMS or in other electronic form to the Customers via our system and otherwise; disclose, share or resell any login details.

6. You agree that your use of the Service and your provided information in order to access the Services provided by the Dotmanija is regulated by the Privacy Policy at

7. Please note that the registration fee is non-refundable.

8. You are responsible for the services which you provide to your Customers, and the agreement for these Services is concluded between you and the Customer. We do not assume any liability for the Customers for the services provided by you.

9. In return for our provided services, you shall assume the obligations as follows:

  • 9.1. You shall agree to pay all applicable fees (e.g. monthly subscription fee). We note that we are not VAT payers;
  • 9.2. While you are using our Services, you shall agree not to reserve orders of your customers via different website;
  • 9.3. You must always provide the Services on our website and on the app at no higher prices than you offer on your website;
  • 9.4. You shall undertake to manage and provide the Services in accordance with the highest business standards;
  • 9.5. You must ensure that you have all the licenses, consents, permissions, and insurance which are required to provide services.

10. For the plug-in orders the Dotmanija is only a technology provider. The Plug-in is an interface of the website owned and operated by the Dotmanija via the Visitorify as one of the services of the Dotmanija, embedded on each website of the Partner, and which the Partner may embed on its website and/or social media channel, and via which the Customers can make orders at the Partner.

11. The Terms of Service Provision may be submitted in languages other than Lithuanian or English. Considering any inconsistencies or contradictions between these Terms of Service Provision and the terms of service provision of the Visitorify in a different language, it shall be considered that the version of the Terms of Service Provision in Lithuanian and English is proper.

12. If you have any questions or comments regarding the Terms of Service Provision, we kindly invite you to contact our employee by email: or by post: MB Dotmanija, Pagubės g. 41-2, Vilnius 14285, Lithuania.

4. Rights of the Dotmanija

1. The Dotmanija shall reserve the right at any time, without notice, for any reason to amend, terminate or refuse to provide the Service(s).

2. The Dotmanija shall have the right but does not have to remove the information and/or to temporarily suspend access to the Account if there is determined that the information provided about the Product or the Service violates the Privacy Policy or the Terms of Service Provision of the Dotmanija.

3. Any Dotmanija customer's written or verbal abuse of any kind in respect of the Dotmanija employee shall give the Dotmanija the possibility to cancel the Account and/or terminate the Agreement.

4. The Dotmanija does not review the information, therefore, at its sole discretion, may refuse to remove information from the website of the Visitorify.

5. The Dotmanija shall reserve the right to provide services to competitors.

6. In case of dispute regarding the ownership of the Account, the Dotmanija shall reserve the right to require documents which prove or verify the ownership of the Account. The documents may include, but are not limited to, a copy of a business license, an identity document, etc.

7. The Dotmanija shall reserve the right to determine the proper user of the Account and to transfer the Account to the legitimate owner. If there is no possibility in a reasonable manner to determine the legitimate owner of the Account or it cannot be done, the Dotmanija shall reserve the right to temporarily disable the use of the Account until the dispute is resolved by the parties of the dispute./p>

8. The Partner shall grant the right to the Dotmanija to use and publish its content and/or remove, edit, shorten, or otherwise modify the published on the webpages content of the Partner.

9. The Partner shall understand and agree that:

  • 9.1. The Dotmanija uses the hardware, software, networks, storage, and related technologies provided by the third-party suppliers and partners to operate the website of the Visitorify, the Plug-in and the website of the Partner;
  • 9.2. The Dotmanija has administrator access to all parts of the Visitorify, including those parts which were specially tailored to the Partner;
  • 9.3. The Dotmanija will monitor the Partner and employees of the Partner usage of the Visitorify, using third-party tools such as Google Analytics and Snowplow. The monitoring will include every user interaction and technical details about the used browser and device, and it will also include, but will be not limited to, visit creation, employee editing, and calendar reviewing. This monitoring will help the Dotmanija to understand how the Visitorify is used by the Partners and will allow the Dotmanija to develop and improve the website. The Partner is responsible for informing its employees that such monitoring will be applied.

5. Limitation of Liability and Obligations of the Partner

1. You clearly understand and agree that the Dotmanija will not be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, specific, consequential, etc. damages, including, but not limited to, profits, prestige, data and other intangible damages incurred by using or failing to use the Services of the Dotmanija.

2. The Partner understands that while using our services, we are not responsible and do not assume any liability for any losses of income or profit, any incidental, consequential damages arising out of the website of the Visitorify, the Services or the Terms of Service Provision. You agree not to claim for reimbursement of material and / or non-material losses and to exempt us from any claims, demands, etc.

3. Using the Services of the Dotmanija you assume all liability and risk. The Dotmanija provides the Services without any guarantees.

4. The Dotmanija does not guarantee that:

  • 4.1. the Service will be uninterrupted, timely, secure or error-free;
  • 4.2. the results which can be obtained using the Service will be accurate and/or reliable;
  • 4.3. products, services, information, etc. will meet your expectations;
  • 4.4. the website will meet the specific requirements of the Partner;
  • 4.5. any information or results which can be obtained using our Services will be accurate or reliable;
  • 4.6. the quality of the products, services, information or other material which the Partner purchases using our Services will meet the Partner's requirements or expectations.

5. The Partner agrees for all received Services of the Dotmanija to pay all relevant fees, accept all orders, process and provide Services of the Partner in accordance with the highest business standards, as well as comply with all the special terms stipulated in this Agreement.

6. The Partner must accept all orders and may refuse to accept the order only under the exceptional circumstances, otherwise the Partner will be deemed to have committed the fundamental breach of this Agreement.

7. Automatic confirmation of orders is one of the "Manager" functions, so all orders will be automatically confirmed at the reservation stage.

8. The Partner must ensure that it has received the consent of each of its employee or supplier to be advertised to Customers on the website and on the App, including, but not limited to, such details as name, experience, contacts, availability, and offered services.

9. In case of time reservations, the Partner bears all responsibility to ensure that information about the free time and dates on the Manager program is regularly updated that potential Customers could see the exact time and dates available at the time when the order is being submitted.

6. Waiver and full agreement

1. Failure to use/follow or to ensure that it would be used/followed the Terms and Rights of the Service Provision of the Dotmanija is not a waiver of these Terms and Rights. The Terms of Service Provision and related documents are the agreement between you and the Dotmanija which regulates your use of the Service, replacing any pre-existing agreements between you and the Dotmanija.

7. Intellectual property

1. The rights of intellectual property are all rights of intellectual property at international level which exist at present or will exist in the future which are or may be granted, including, but not limited to, copyright, design rights, database rights, domain name rights, registered design, patents, trademarks, business names, logos and other marks, if they are in nature of ownership, and all similar registered or likewise rights.

2. When you create an Account or provide information, the Dotmanija does not require from you any proof of the rights of Intellectual Property. You bear responsibility for all information you post and upload. You can remove information or the Account at any time.

3. When you create an Account and upload information, you agree to: allow other users of the Dotmanija to view the information which you publish publicly; allow the Dotmanija to store, and in the case of the information is published publicly, to display your information to others; allow the Dotmanija to review all your information provided to the Dotmanija at any time, although the Dotmanija does not have to do this.

4. You reserve all property rights to all submitted information which you have uploaded or provided to the Dotmanija, but you remain responsible for the compliance of the Account and all information with applicable laws and regulations. It is very important that all content which you upload on the Internet would be accurate, non-confusing and in accordance with legal requirements, for example, uploaded photos are yours, or you have the right to use them.

5. We will not disclose your confidential information to any third parties except the cases when it is required when providing our services. Confidential information includes the information which you provided to the Dotmanija and which is not publicly available. Confidential information does not include the information which was publicly available at the time when we received it.

6. Each party shall confirm that during the execution of this agreement and its validity period it can get or otherwise become aware of the information about the other party, its marketing plans, clients, customers, businesses, business plans, technologies, etc. which is private and confidential information of the other party.

7. Each party shall undertake to keep and take care that it would be preserved the secrecy of confidential information, to store all confidential information secure and to protect it from theft, damage, loss or unauthorized access. Also at any time during the validity of this Agreement and upon its expiration, directly or indirectly not to use, disclose, exploit, copy or modify any confidential information, nor let it do or give permission to any third party to do so without the prior written consent of the owner of the confidential information, unless it is necessary for the sole purpose to exercise the rights and obligations under this Agreement.

8. Confidential information may be disclosed when it must be disclosed in accordance with laws, regulations or instructions of the competent authority.

9. The Dotmanija has the exclusive right to use the names, services and/or trademarks, and logos associated with your provided services to advertise your Services

10. The Dotmanija supports the protection of intellectual property, and therefore asks you to comply with it. After receiving notice of possible breach of copyright the Dotmanija will clarify and/or remove or deny access to such information.

8. Payment for services / monthly subscription fee

1. Subscriptions, transactions and any other additional fees will be hereinafter referred to as the Fees. You shall agree to pay the Fees for your online services and/or subscriptions of POS services and other applicable fees, including, but not limited to, fees related to the processing of transactions under your Account and any fees related to your purchase of any products or services, such as POS equipment, dispatch, programs, domain names or third-party services.

2. To use our paid services, you must have a valid credit card (which data you submit to the Visitorify) or by remittance. Unless otherwise stated, all payments are made in euros.

3. The Subscription Fees (when the service is ordered for a longer period than one month) should be paid in advance and would be paid at the 30-day interval (hereinafter referred to as the Settlement Date). Subscription fees and/or additional fees may be paid at the discretion of the Visitorify. For all unpaid fees, there will be calculated fee for each non-settlement day. The Fees will be indicated in the invoice that will be sent to the owner of the Account by email. In addition, the invoice will be displayed on the webpage of the Account Management of the Visitorify Account. The Visitorify shall agree to search for a mutually satisfactory solution for two weeks in order to resolve any issues arising out of the settlement.

4. If the payment is not made before the specified date, we reserve the right to suspend and/or cancel access to the Account. The service will be reactivated once all fees are paid. The Dotmanija shall reserve the right to calculate fine of 0.02% for each day of delay of all amounts unpaid by the Partner at its due date. The fine is calculated for each day of delay from the day the indebtedness is incurred until the day when the Visitorify receives the full amount of overdue payment, together with all calculated fines.

5. You are responsible for any additional fees (such as SMS) incurred as a result of your use of the services provided by the Visitorify.

6. When you change your location (or any other data provided on the webpage and/or account of the Visitorify), you must immediately update it on the administration menu of the Visitorify.

7. The Visitorify does not provide refunds.

8. Any notice, invoice or other correspondence which one party must provide to another party shall be deemed to be duly submitted if it is sent to the other party at the address indicated in this Agreement (or another address indicated by the other party in writing or by email).

9. Upon payment of all fees by the Partner and fulfilment of all obligations provided for in this Agreement, the Dotmanija provides the Partner with the relevant services of the Dotmanija, which (unless otherwise agreed) consist of personal, non-exclusive, non-transferable and fully revocable right to use the Manager program.

10. If the Partner has chosen to receive paid services of the Dotmanija and would prefer one or more services to be discontinued, the Partner must notify the Dotmanija in writing at least before 30 calendar days and will be required to pay all fees payable for the notification period.

9. Changes of the Services and prices

1.The prices of the Services may change after 30 days from the Dotmanija notification. Such notice may be posted on the website of the and/or sent by e-mail. The Dotmanija may change its rates (this is registration fee and any other fees which the Partner has to pay in order to receive the services of the Dotmanija as specified in the cooperation agreement and/or in the emails between the Dotmanija and the Partner) at its own discretion at any time notifying the Partner before 30 calendar days by a separate notice or by updating the price list published on If the Partner, after receiving the notification of changes in prices, wants to change the services provided by the Dotmanija it must notify us in writing within 14 calendar days from the receiving of such notification that it would not come into effect for it changes in prices.

2. The Dotmanija shall reserve the right to modify or terminate the Service or part of it at any time by sending and/or posting the notification

3. The Dotmanija is not responsible for any changes, suspension or termination of the Services.

4. The Partner must always provide Services of the Partner on the website and the App at a price which is accurate and correspond to the best available price offered on the website of the Partner. In order to avoid any doubt, the Partner is allowed to offer lower prices or to publish special offers for the closed groups of individuals both on the Internet and not not on the Internet, for example, for members of its own loyalty programs, or directly in the venues of the Partner activity, and on other alternative online trading platforms.

10. Cancellation and termination of the Services and/or Agreement

1. This Agreement shall enter into force on the date of its entry into force and shall remain in force until its termination in writing, at least before 30 calendar days with written notice to the other party. You can cancel/delete your Account at any time and/or terminate your agreement by sending an email to

2. When any party terminates the Services for any reason:

  • 2.1. The Dotmanija will no longer provide you with the Services, and you will no longer be able to use your Account;
  • 2.2. unless otherwise it is provided in the Terms of Service Provision, we will not be obligated to refund any fees for the services;
  • 2.3. if there are any unpaid fees at the time of termination of the Services, you will receive one final invoice by email. When this invoice is fully paid, the fine will be stopped calculating.
  • 2.4. The Dotmanija shall reserve the right to modify or terminate/cancel the Services and/or the Account at any time without any notice;
  • 2.5. The Dotmanija may suspend and/or terminate your Account if you are suspected that you are engaged in unlawful, fraudulent activities.

3. The Partner shall agree not to invite to submit the orders of the Customers via the website, the App, or distribution channels. This limitation is valid only for the duration of the Agreement.

4. When the Customer submits the Order and the Partner encourages him/her to cancel the Order and make a separate reservation directly via the Partner, the Partner shall be deemed to have committed the fundamental breach of this Agreement.

11. Changing of time reservations

1. The terms for changing and cancelling your reservation must comply with our Terms of Service Provision.

2. The Customers must be provided the opportunity to change or cancel the time reservation before for at least 24 hours. If the Customer wants to change the date and / or time of the time reservation and he applies with such request at least 24 hours prior to the visit, the Partner must try to offer the Customer the appropriate alternative time and/or date of the reservation. If the Partner cannot or does not want to execute the order at the request of the Customer to change the reservation, it will be considered that the Customer has cancelled the order and if the advance payment has been paid the Partner must return it.

3. If the Partner wants to change the date and/or time of the Time reservation, but the Customer cannot or does not want to agree with such change, the Partner will be deemed to have cancelled the order.

4. In the case of the Plug-in orders the Dotmanija is a technology provider and does not act as a commercial order agent. The Customers may cancel the order of the Plug-in until the time of visit and no agreement is made between the Customer and the Partner until the visit takes place. The confirmation and reminder emails will be sent to the Customers of the Plug-in from the Manager on behalf of the Partner, however, the Partner is responsible for providing the Services of the Partner to the Customer and for carrying out any cancellations and rescheduling directly to the Customer. The Dotmanija is not involved in the subsequent Plug-in ordering process, and only provides technology to facilitate the execution of Plug-in orders.

12. Customer service and handling of the complaints

1. The Partner shall endeavour to provide all the Customers with the highest quality of the Services of the Partner and promptly answer all sale requests, deal with issues related to Orders or potential Orders, including the handling of the Customer complaints.

2. The Partner is directly liable to the Customer for failure to meet Customer expectations and accepts any other legal liability related to the Services of the Partner, unless such liability arises out of gross negligence of the Dotmanija.

3. The Dotmanija shall forward all received Customer complaints to the Partner, the Partner confirms their receipt of it and responds to the respective Customer within 48 hours after the Partner has received a complaint (regardless of whether the complaint was received directly from the Customer or from the Dotmanija).

4. The Partner shall endeavour to resolve all complaints within 14 calendar days and must inform the Dotmanija of all correspondence between the Partner and the Customer regarding the complaint, as well as keep the Dotmanija informed of the progress and status of the complaint.

13. Reviews

1. The Partner shall confirm and agree that the website has a feedback platform where the Customers can post publicly available feedback about their experience with the Dotmanija and the Partner (in particular using the Services of the Partner). The Partner should pay attention that it does not have the option to refuse to participate on this platform, and it may occasionally appear negative reviews and/or feedback from the Customers which do not depend on the will of the Dotmanija. The Partner may, if there is posted the Customer-created content related to it, respond to the reviews about the Partner. However, all the content posted by the Partner in response to the Customer-created content must be polite, professional, non-threatening or non-confrontational, and may be reviewed by the Dotmanija (and at its own discretion the Dotmanija may remove or modify it if it considers that such action is reasonably necessary). In order to avoid any doubt, the Partner may not exercise any remedies (including, but not limited to, the right to terminate this Agreement) regarding the Customer-created content where the Partner is mentioned or identified. However, if the Partner reasonably believes that the Customer-created content defame the Partner, another person or in any way violates any legal rights of any person, the Partner may mark such the Customer-created content and notify the Dotmanija about such fact. In this case, the Dotmanija will review the Customer-created content at its own discretion and may take any action that it considers necessary or desirable (including, for example, removing or modifying the relevant part of the Customer-created content).

14. Privacy and the protection of personal data

1. The Dotmanija has undertaken to protect the privacy of you and the personal information of your Customers. By using the Service, you shall confirm and agree that the Dotmanija will collect, use and disclose personal information only to such the extent that it is entitled by the Privacy Policy of the Dotmanija.

2. The partner is the controller of personal data, and the Dotmanija is the processor of the data.

3. The Partner and the Dotmanija act as the independent data controllers regarding the personal data of the Customers of the Dotmanija.

4. The Partner is the controller of the personal data of the Customers of the Plug-in and the Dotmanija is the data processor with the exception of the personal data of the Customers of the Plug-in (i.e. the name and email) which the Dotmanija and the Partner collect at the time of settlement requesting consent for each of their individual marketing purposes where they act as independent controllers.

5. Each party is responsible for compliance with the legislation on the Data Protection (hereinafter referred to as GDPR).

6. When the Partner is a data controller and the Dotmanija is a data processor regarding the personal data of the Customers of the Partner and Customers of the Plug-in (except email marketing for Plug-in customers when the Partner and the Dotmanija are independent data controllers), such data will be processed by the Dotmanija in accordance with the obligations provided for in GDPR.

7. The Partner must promptly (and in any case no later than in 24 hours after the Partner or its employees become aware of the incident) to notify the Dotmanija of any accidental or intentional damage, change, destruction, unauthorized disclosure, loss, misuse, theft of the personal data of the Customers of the Dotmanija or the Plug-in to which the Partner has access. The Partner must ensure full cooperation and prompt assistance to the Dotmanija for its efforts to investigate, rectify and reduce the consequences of the safety incident and to fulfil all noticing obligations to individuals, customers or supervisory authorities.

8. The Partner must ensure that its staff and other representatives would do nothing what would prevent the Dotmanija or related to it companies to comply with any regulation of the legislation on Data Protection and must take reasonable measures to ensure the reliability of its employees and representatives who may have access to the personal data and to ensure that such employees and representatives are informed about the confidentiality of personal data.

9. The Partner shall agree to install and maintain appropriate technical and organizational measures to ensure that its processing of personal data is sufficiently in accordance with the legislation on Data Protection and protects personal data against unauthorized or illegal processing or accidental loss, destruction, damage, theft, modification or disclosure.

10. The Partner shall agree to process the personal data of the Customers of the Dotmanija and the Plug-in only for the purpose of the provision of the Services of the Partner and for such Customers and, in respect of the Customers of the Dotmanija and the Plug-in, who clearly gave consent to receive marketing emails via eCRM service, for email marketing purposes and in all cases only until they receive the Services of the Dotmanija and if the Partner, related companies and suppliers must transfer personal data of the Customers of the Dotmanija and the Plug-in outside the European Economic Area, the Partner shall assume full responsibility for ensuring that such personal data is processed in full compliance with the legislation of Data Protection.

11. The Dotmanija shall reserve the right to process the personal data of the Customers as it is specified in its Privacy Policy and the Partner irrevocably and unconditionally agrees to such processing of personal data by the Dotmanija and guarantees that each Customer of the Partner has been informed of how the Dotmanija will process their personal data.

12. If to the Partner there is provided the eCMR service, the Partner may send marketing or promotional notifications to the Customers of the Dotmanija and the Plug-in whose information is stored on the Visitorify Manager program and who gave the consent when was ordering the Services of the Dotmanija and the Partner via the website of the Partner and/or the Plug-in by ticking the relevant box to receive marketing or promotional notifications from any Partner from which they have subscribed the Services of the Partner and/or from the Partner to which the order is submitted.

13. The Partner shall undertake and guarantee that he will process personal data of the Customers of the Partner only in accordance with the legislation on Data Protection Laws that it, its employees, partners and suppliers will send marketing and promotional notifications only to those Customers of the Partner who have given their consent to receive them. The Partner uses the data of the Customers of the Partner exclusively at its own risk and is responsible for ensuring the full compliance of its own employees, partners and suppliers with applicable legislation on Data Protection.

14. If the Customer notifies the Partner or its employee that he or she does not wish to receive further marketing material from the Dotmanija and/or its related companies, the Partner will promptly (in any case no later than in 48 hours after such notification) notify the Dotmanija of all details in writing, so that the Dotmanija could respect such a request.

15. . If any party shall receive a request from a data protection authority regarding information related to this Agreement or relations between the parties, that party will promptly inform the other party, unless it is prohibited by the law.